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Long-Haul COVID May Soon Lead to More Social Security Disability Claims

For those with long-haul COVID-19, also known as "Long COVID" or PASC, an important milestone may be on the horizon. Long COVID refers to lingering symptoms of COVID-19 that continue well after recovery from the primary disease.

People who experience these symptoms have already been able to apply for certain workplace protections under ADA/FMLA rules, but Social Security Disability claims may follow soon for some. Under the ADA, long COVID simply must "substantially limit a major life activity" to be considered a qualifying disability, opening the door to immediate accommodation or leave if a person experiences such a limitation from the ongoing symptoms. However, for Social Security Disability claims, a qualifying person must have (among other requirements) suffered a severe condition for at least 12 months.

This means that, for many with long-haul COVID, that important 12 month milestone is quickly approaching. For some, it may have already arrived. If you have questions about how this development will impact your specific situation, be sure to consult with a reputable attorney who can advise you on these issues.

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