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A trust is a very useful, but underutilized, estate planning tool. With a properly drafted revocable trust, one can maintain the ability to amend the trust during one's lifetime, move assets in or out of trust, and avoid probate (the expensive and time consuming process of having a Court administer your estate). 


While there are a myriad of different types of Trusts, we at the Sents Law Firm focus on drafting and creating probate bypass trusts and marital asset trusts. These types of trusts are revocable, meaning the grantor (the person who creates the trust) is able to amend the trust during the grantor's life time. This being the case, it is crucially important to consult a veteran attorney who is highly skilled in drafting Trusts to ensure the document  meets your exact needs.


Although the process can be difficult, it can be much easier with an attorney. Turn to the Sents Law Firm to assist you in drafting and implementing a revocable trust


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